Erotic Stories

Enter the advertisement for your content in the message below to post it on the Telegram channel Erotic Executive , use Html tags for style creation, see instruction below.

To add IMAGE or VIDEO use hyperlink function, add the direct url to your image or video to a word/character it will shown on telegram as images.

SYSTEM UPDATE: Style fromat changed to HTML from Markdown, Use HTML from now on

There are six different Telegram font styles � spoiler, bold, italic, monospace, strikethrough, and underline. Spoiler allows you to conceal part of your message, which is great for sharing information that some of your readers may not want to read or making it Intruging. use hyperlink function to ad your websit, first created link will be shown as preview add image/video link first to embed them.

Here are the most useful HTML tags for Telegram text formatting in Markdown:

  • <b>your text</b> - bold.
  • <i>your text</i> - italics.
  • <u>your text</u> - underlined.
  • <s>your text</s> - strikethrough.
  • <a href="your URL">your text</a> - inline URL.
  • <a href="tg://user?id=123456789">your text</a> � inline mention of a user.
  • <tg-spoiler>spoiler</tg-spoiler> - Spoiler mode to hide the text.
  • <code>your text</code> - inline fixed-width code.
  • <pre>your text</pre> - pre-formatted fixed-width code block.
  • <pre><code class="language-python">your text</code></pre> - pre-formatted fixed-width code block written in the Python programming language.

Nested entities are supported.

Our Vision

Comin Soon: Erotic Stories on the women point of View(FPOV).